DxOMark Ranks the OnePlus 5 Camera Ahead of iPhone 7

OnePlus 5 camera view

Even before OnePlus launched the OnePlus 5, the company revealed that it was working closely with DxOMark to further enhance the camera experience of the handset. Now that the handset is out, reviews have clearly pointed out that the 5’s dual camera system is far from the flagship killer that OnePlus hyped it to be. And surprisingly, despite the hype before its launch, DxOMark never released their review of the OnePlus 5’s camera.

Today though, after the 5 has received a few software updates to improve its camera performance, DxOMark has posted their benchmark score of the handset’s camera: 87. The review only tested the primary 16MP f/1.7 shooter of the 5 and did not take into account the performance of the secondary 20MP shooter.

So, as per the DxOMark — which calls itself “the reference for image quality” — the dual-camera setup of the OnePlus 5 is better than the iPhone 7 (86pts), LG G5 (86pts), and on par with that of the Huawei P10, Sony Xperia XZ, and the Galaxy S6 edge+. And if DxOMark scores are anything to go by, the OnePlus 5 camera performance is just a wee bit behind the likes of the Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, and the HTC U11.

The review praises the accurate white balance and vivid and pleasant color reproduction along with the good detail preservation capabilities of the 5’s camera. The fast AF on the handset also earned high praise as it was consistent across different lighting conditions and accurate.

On the negative side, DxOMark notes that the OnePlus camera loses out on very fine details in low-light scenarios, with occasional loss of details in outdoor conditions as well. In terms of video, the OnePlus 5 has accurate white balance, good target exposure, and fast and accurate autofocus across all lighting conditions. However, there is a visible loss of low-contrast details and visible noise and chromatic noise in low-light conditions.

Now, while the OnePlus 5 camera is good, it definitely is not as good as that of the Huawei P10 or the iPhone 7. It is certainly better than the 16MP shooter found on the OnePlus 3/3T but not by a huge margin. By giving the 16MP shooter of the OnePlus 5 a score of 87, DxOMark is the one losing its reputation since by now the less than stellar camera performance of the handset is well known.

This should not be surprising since DxOMark has been previously called out for the scores that it has given to certain Xperia handsets and the Moto Z. While these cameras score very high in DxOMark ratings, their real-world performance is nowhere close to the likes of the Galaxy S7/S8, iPhone 7, or the Huawei P10.

[Via DxOMark]

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