Android 7.1 Quietly Brings ‘Panic Detection’ Feature to Combat Malicious Apps

Android Nougat - Panic Detection

Malware has been rampant on the Android platform. We see innumerable reports on new malware that pops up every now and then. Google has done a lot to fight this menace, and since 2015, is issuing monthly security updates to patch any security vulnerabilities. New findings on the XDA Forums suggest that Google has made some more under-the-hood changes to fight malicious apps on Android.

The XDA post talks about a feature called ‘Panic Detection’ built into Android 7.1. This basically allows an app to be force closed when the back button is hit four times within 0.3 seconds of each tap. The software can judge the frequency of your taps and act accordingly. This feature is designed to shut down apps that take control of your entire display and become unresponsive.

This could be a big plus for the customers who might have accidentally installed malicious apps on their devices. While Google hasn’t made a public statement about this, the feature is very much present on Android 7.1 running devices. It’s not known as to why Google has decided to remain silent on this new feature, however.

While Android malware is still very much prominent, thanks to the steps taken by Google, they are no longer a major concern for the customers. However, we still see a new vulnerability pop up periodically thanks to security researchers. Being an open platform, Android, by design is vulnerable to malicious apps and services. But it’s good to know that Google is doing everything possible to squash these bugs.

[Via XDA Developers]