LG G6 manufacturer’s warranty extended to 24 months

LG G6 review photo

LG is happy with its latest flagship smartphone, the G6, and it wants to show customers that it stands by its product by extending its manufacturer’s coverage.

The Verge reports that LG is extending the G6’s standard manufacturer’s warranty by an additional 12 months, which means it will now stretch to two years instead of just one. The company is calling it the LG G6 Second Year Promise, and it begins today. It’s being offered for free for all existing and future LG G6 owners, too, so you won’t have to pay more to get it.

The coverage itself is the same as it would be for the previously-standard 12-month warranty, which means despite it being extended it still won’t cover things like accidental damage to the display or body if you drop it. It is not an insurance program after all. For existing G6 owners, you’ll need to register your handset within 90 days of today’s announcement on LG’s website to get your device covered for the extended period of time. And for new customers, you’ll need to register your handset within 90 days of the purchase date. As mentioned above, though, it doesn’t cost anything extra.

LG says that a claim will be filed and a replacement unit (either new or “newly refurbished”) will be delivered within 48 hours. The replacement device will also receive the warranty coverage, either covering the remainder of the program’s term or for 90 days, whichever is greater.

The new program rolls out today. Do you like this move on LG’s part?

[via The Verge]