Samsung’s Bixby Voice Assistant Won’t Arrive Until ‘Late June’

Samsung confirmed that the voice assistant part of the Samsung Galaxy S8‘s built-in Bixby digital personal assistant wouldn’t be available at launch, and said that it would arrive sometime in the spring for those in the United States.

On May 1, Samsung began rolling out the voice feature to Galaxy S8 owners in South Korea, lending credence to Samsung’s launch window for Bixby Voice in the United States. However, The Wall Street Journal says that Samsung is probably going to miss that date, and instead owners in the U.S. won’t see Bixby Voice arrive until sometime this summer.

Specifically, the report says that the voice assistant won’t arrive until “late June.” There’s no other information to go on at this point, but if the feature arrives on June 21 or later, that means it will arrive in the summer months, rather than spring. While that’s only a further delay of a few weeks or even days, for anyone that has been waiting to use the feature, it’s certainly noticeable.

If you own a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+, have you been waiting for Bixby Voice to arrive? Or is this one feature you can live without?

[via The Wall Street Journal]