How to Fix Google Pixel and Pixel XL Bluetooth Issues

How to fix Google Pixel and Pixel XL Bluetooth issue

When Google first launched its Pixel handsets last year, they were marred with various issues. While Google has managed to fix most of them with software updates, a common complaint that still persists among Pixel owners is in regards to its Bluetooth connectivity. For some reason, the handset suffers from serious Bluetooth connectivity issues that continue to linger around six months after its launch and multiple software updates from Google.

It’s unclear if the issues are arising due to a poorly written Bluetooth stack or due to some low-level fault in the Bluetooth chip used on the Pixels. Whatever the case might be, below are some tips, tricks, and workarounds that I have collected from various Pixel forums across the internet that will help in alleviating or temporarily fixing the various Bluetooth connectivity issues that you are facing on your Pixel.

Google Pixel Bluetooth Issue

Chances are if your Pixel does not play nicely with your car audio unit or an infotainment system, you cannot much about it. This is a typical problem with many Android devices and some of them will even outright refuse to work with certain in-car infotainment systems.

Restart your phone

Sometimes, even the most complex of problems can be solved by a simple restart. So, if your Pixel suddenly starts having some Bluetooth connectivity issues on a fine day, try restarting the handset. That should solve the problem, though it might just be temporary in nature and you might have to restart your handset every once in a while to prevent the problem from occurring again.

If possible, you can also try restarting the Bluetooth device in question.

Disconnect and Reconnect

If a restart does not help in solving your Bluetooth connectivity woes, you can try forgetting the device, restarting it — if it’s possible, and pair it again with your Pixel.

Google Pixel Bluetooth Issue

Install the latest software update

As if the poor Bluetooth hardware of the Google Pixel was not already enough, the Google Pixel shipped with a buggy Bluetooth stack when it was first launched. Since then, Google has rolled out multiple software updates to improve the Bluetooth connectivity on the handset.

So, if your Pixel is not already running the very latest version of Android available for it, make sure to update it. Similarly, if you are facing Bluetooth connectivity issues with a particular device, you can try updating its firmware as well — provided such an option is available.

Reset Network Settings

Before you try the dreaded factory reset in a bid to fix the Bluetooth connectivity woes on your Pixel once and for all, you can try only doing a network setting reset. This will reset all network settings related to Wi-Fi, Cellular Data, and Bluetooth.

None of the known Wi-Fi networks or paired Bluetooth devices will be forgotten in this procedure though. It’s just that the OS will simply reset some of the settings related to the above connection settings.

To reset network settings on your Google Pixel, head over to Settings -> More -> Network settings reset followed by Reset settings. 

Factory Reset

The most painful and troublesome option of them all: Factory Reset. There is no guarantee that doing a factory reset will solve the Bluetooth issues that you are facing on your Pixel especially if the problems have existed right from day one. However, if your Pixel started exhibiting Bluetooth issues one fine day and the above steps have not helped in solving the issues, a factory reset might just be your only solution.

Google Pixel Factory Reset

Since a factory reset will wipe your Pixel clean of all your data, I will recommend you to create a backup of all your important data before proceeding with the reset procedure.

To factory reset your Pixel, head over to Settings -> Backup & reset -> Factory data reset. 

There is no guarantee that the above steps will help in fixing the Bluetooth woes on your Pixel once and for all. If your Pixel has failed to work properly with a specific Bluetooth device right from day one, your only hope is to wait and pray for a future software that might magically fix the issue. You can also try submitting your issue on Google’s issue tracker, though given the widespread Bluetooth woes that Pixel owners have been facing, don’t be too optimistic about Google fixing your specific issue.

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