Android O is Getting New Emoji

Emoji aren’t going anywhere any time soon, so it makes sense that Android would continue to adopt new options.

And sure enough, Android O will be the first to use Emoji 5.0 — which means that there will be dinosaurs, an orange heart, a vomiting face, and more. And while the new additions are certainly noteworthy, another change to emoji might be a little bit more interesting.

Android is finally moving away from the blobs and worms. That’s right, the faces used to portray how someone is feeling, without actually using words, will now be proper round pictures. According to Emojipedia, Google has been working on these changes for more than a year.

It’s a small change in the grand scheme of things, but for folks who might not have been fans of the previous emoji, it’s probably worth the wait.

[via Emojipedia]

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