Samsung Galaxy S8 With a Clear Back Panel Looks Pretty Sweet

YouTuber JerryRigEverything, known for his torture tests and disassembly of latest smartphones, has posted a video showcasing his clear Galaxy S8. The YouTuber managed to remove the color and lamination from the rear glass panel of his Galaxy S8 thereby making it completely transparent.

The transparent rear panel gives a clear view of the internals of the Galaxy S8 in all its glory. To hide some of the visible screws, the YouTuber used some double sided tape and adhesive to conceal them and make the whole thing look more attractive.

In the video, Jerry provides a quick overview of how to tear down the Galaxy S8 to access its internals. The process is obviously not for the faint of the heart and requires access to the proper tools and skills. There are some downsides to the project as well, though. The modded handset no longer has wireless charging or is water-resistant, and you will end up voiding its warranty during the process.

If these issues are not a deterrent for you, all you need to do to give your Galaxy S8 a clear back cover is spend a few dollars, give it a couple of hours, and have a pair of steady hands.