Android O Feature Highlight: Notification Timeout

Android O

Google completely revamped the notification panel of Android with Nougat, and with Android O, the company is further building on it to make it more feature rich. Apart from being able to snooze notifications, Android O will also introduce notifications timeout feature.

As the  name suggests, the feature will allow developers to automatically remove notifications from the panel after a certain point of time. Unlike the snooze feature in which Android users have full control over the ability to hide notifications for a set period of time, the timeout of a notification depends on the developer of the app. This can be particularly useful for apps that show notifications that are valid for only a limited period of time or for a specific location.

Considering that not all notifications are important and some are useful for only a limited period of time, notification timeout will help reduce the clutter and notification overload that has become a commonplace nowadays. However, since developers will have to implement notification timeout, it remains to be seen if they will use it diligently or not.

You can get a glimpse of how notification timeout works in the video above from developer João Dias, known for his various Tasker plugins.

[Via Android Police]

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