Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Priced Revealed by Best Buy at $599.99

When Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy Tab S3, its latest high-end tablet, the company did so without revealing the price or launch date.

Rumors had suggested the tablet could cost upwards of $700 when it finally arrived on the market, but nothing was official then. And while Samsung has still not made an official announcement of its own regarding the price, one retailer has launched a landing page for the tablet, outfitted with a price.

Best Buy currently has the Galaxy Tab S3 priced at $599.99. At the same time, the retailer only has the tablet listed as “Coming Soon,” so a launch date is still unknown at this point. And if this is the final pricing for the Galaxy Tab S3, it would certainly fall under the expectations, which should be a bonus for potential owners.

Are you already planning on buying the Galaxy Tab S3?

[via Best Buy]