Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Price, and Availability

Samsung latest and perhaps the most popular flagship Android smartphone of 2017, the Galaxy S8, was unveiled earlier today by the company. If you are already smitten by the phone and want to know about its release date, price and availability, read below.

Due to its delayed unveiling, the Galaxy S8 will launch quite later than usual when compared to previous flagship Galaxy S devices.

Release Date and Availability

In the United States, the Galaxy S8 will launch on April 21. In Europe and rest of the world, the handset will launch on April 28. This is quite later than previous Galaxy S launch timeframes from Samsung.

Galaxy S8 Pre-order

Pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ will start in most regions from March 30, including the United States. T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon have already confirmed their pre-order dates and have also revealed their prices.

Galaxy S8 Price


The Galaxy S8 will be on the Big Red’s network for $720 unlocked or for $30 monthly instalments over a period of 24 months. Its bigger brother Galaxy S8+ will set you back by $840 unlocked or $35 in monthly instalments.

The carrier is also running trade-in programs where users can get a rebate of up to $20/month for 24 months for trading in their iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, HTC 10, and other flagship devices.

Customers who pre-order the handset will get a free GearVR with Controller. Alternatively, they can choose from a $99 “Experience Box” with Gear VR and its controller, Harman Kardon headphones, and a 256GB microSD card.


On AT&T, the unlocked Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will cost $750 and $850. If you are looking to purchase the handset through the carrier’s Next plans, you have the option of paying $25 for 30 months or $31.25 for 24 months for the Galaxy S8. For the Galaxy S8+, the instalment amount increases to $28.34 and $35.42, respectively.

AT&T is also offering customers with up to $750 in credits for a second Galaxy S8 or S8+. Or if you activate the handset on a 2-year agreement, you can get a Gear S2 or Galaxy Tab E for only 99 cents.


The retail version of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ will cost $750 and $850 on T-Mobile. For monthly instalments, the Galaxy S8 can be had for a $30 down payment + $30 monthly instalments for 24 months. For the Galaxy S8+, the down payment increases to $130, with the monthly instalments remaining the same.

The carrier is also offering customers who pre-order the handset a free GearVR with a controller.


In Singapore, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ pre-orders will start from April 7, 2017, at all major electronics stores, Samsung Experience stores, and mobile operators. It will be available in the country from 29 April 2017, with prices starting from $1,148 for the Galaxy S8 and $1,298 for the Galaxy S8+.

Samsung will be offering the handset in three colors: Maple Gold, Midnight Black, and Orchid Gray.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will launch in India from May 5th. The handsets are already available for pre-order on Flipkart and across Samsung’s retail stores in the country.

We will continue updating this post with more details about the availability and price of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ as and when other carriers around the world announce it.

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