LG G6 Sales Off To Great Start in Korea; Samsung Runs Teaser Ad for Galaxy S8 Before Its Official Unveiling

LG G6 rear logo

The LG G6 sales seem to have started on a great note in LG’s home country, South Korea, where the phone sold more than 30,000 units within a couple of days of its launch. In addition, the handset’s total pre-orders were upwards of 82,000.

These numbers, as per Kim Dong-won, analyst at KB Securities, is a “record high” compared to previous LG flagship devices. The numbers were also more than double of the Galaxy S7 edge. The report claims that consumers liked the beautiful new design and slim bezels of the handset.

The strong interest in the G6 led Samsung to release a teaser for the Galaxy S8 on TV ahead of its official unveiling later this month. The 15-second teaser trailer has been airing in Korea since Thursday of last week itself.

“Samsung’s rare move to release a TV ad for the Galaxy this early appears to (be an attempt to) keep LG from dominating the nation’s premium smartphone market before the S8 rollout,” said an industry watcher who declined to be identified.

Even after Samsung unveils the Galaxy S8 later this month, the handset is only expected to go on sale from April 21 in the US, Korea, and other markets of the world. By then, the LG G6 would have been on sale for well over 1.5 months that would further allow the handset to further capitalise its lead and capture more of the premium smartphone segment in more markets of the world.

[Via The Korea Herald]

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