Google’s Possibly Working On A Third Pixel Device Codenamed ‘Taimen’

Earlier this week, a report revealed the codename of Google’s Pixel 2 handsets: ”Muskie” and ”Walleye.” Now, Droid-Life reports that Google is possibly working on a third device codenamed “taimen.”

The codename of the device is of a fish or aquatic animal, just like all other Google products released in the last few years.

This third device will feature a screen bigger than what is found on the other two Pixel 2 handsets. It remains unclear for now, though, exactly how big the screen on “taimen” will be. However, Droid-life’s sources confirm that the device is a phone and not a tablet.

It’s possible that ‘taimen’ is a third new budget device that Google is working on releasing later this year.

Google’s Pixel devices are still in early stages of development, so it is possible that ‘taimen’ might not see the light of the day. Or we could be looking at a Nexus 6 successor from Google later this year.

Do you want Google to release a device that falls into the hybrid phone-tablet category? Drop a comment and let us know!

[Via Droid-life]

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