Does the LG G6 Feature an IR Blaster?

LG was the last major OEM to continue including a handy IR blaster on its flagship devices. The G5 might have been a disaster for the company, but some people purchased the handset solely because it had an IR blaster. Sadly, with the G6, LG is not only ditching the removable battery but also the IR blaster.

On previous LG devices like the G5, V10 and G4, one could use the Quick Remote app in conjunction with the IR blaster to quickly control other electronic appliances like TV and fridge near them. Now since the G6 lacks an IR blaster, this is no longer possible.

While the new all-glass design, an almost bezel-less design, and IP68 certification are definitely nice to have, they might have also played a role in LG ditching the IR blaster on the G6. It is also possible that LG decided to do away with the IR blaster simply because it noticed that not too many people are using it on their devices. Or maybe the number of users using the IR blaster on their phones was simply not enough for LG to justify the cost of continuing to include it on their latest flagship.

Whatever the case might be, the LG G6 — just like the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, and HTC 10 — now no longer features an IR blaster.

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  • Kraken

    Smartphones are getting worse every year…

  • Handy Mann

    I have not given up on my Note 3, yet. I use the IR blaster a lot. Hope it comes back. Very useful feature (with the right apps).

  • Jorell

    Can you please make a phone for dumb people who don’t know their phone’s features and another phone for intelligent people who do? I need the IR blaster.

  • Just got my G6 in the mail today, and was sad to see it didn’t have the IR Blaster! 🙁 I just assumed that like the G5 and the V20 before it (both of which I’ve had), that it was going to be included. Didn’t even think to look. What a f-ing bummer that is

  • Fae Comiskey

    Removable batteries were the best thing to ever happen to a smart phone. LG screwed up big time in their marketing for gushing about the terrible placement of their buttons and glossing over the fact that YOU CAN HAVE A FULLY CHARGED PHONE IN AN INSTANT because you can just swap the battery. Oh. And that the battery is bigger and lasts 1.5 times longer than other phones because of it. The Quick Remote was SO HANDY and I use it all the time on my G4. The G6 is breaking away from every reason anyone ever had to buy an LG and it’s a damn shame. Now idiot consumers will buy them because they look more like an iPhone and never know what they’ve been missing out on this whole time.. I will not be one of them. I convinced half my friend group to buy generation after generation of LGG2 through LGG5, but no more. These changes SUCK.

  • Right, my LG G5 will be the last one.

  • Adi

    It’s really too bad the way smartphone manufacturers keep ditching useful features. New products are almost never just an improvement anymore; there’s almost always something you have to lose in order to gain the new features.

    I’m still using a Galaxy S5, and was considering switching to LG in order to continue having a removable battery and an IR blaster. I would have bought the LG V20 if it didn’t have terrible water resistance, to the point where using it in the rain or spilling a drink on it could kill it. As the Galaxy S4/S5 proved, it IS possible to have a removable battery with outstanding water resistance.

    So, LG torpedoed the two reasons I had for making the switch. It seems foolish to me that they’re trying to compete with Samsung by copying them, and taking away distinguishing features that might draw some customers away, especially when those are some of the same features that Samsung took away, leaving a lot of angry customers who have refused to upgrade and are looking for alternatives.

    I’m a long-time Samsung customer who was ripe for the picking. They blew it. If I have to lose these two features anyway in order to have a high-end phone, then I’ll get an S8, not an LG.

  • Tiago Pereira

    I stopped buying the G6 just because he did not have the blaster

  • Ivan

    No LED, no IR, no more LG after G2 and G4 🙁

  • Greg

    I don’t need ip68 certification… I don’t fall the phone in the toilet.. I don’t need glass in the back .. I don’t need bezel less .. I don’t need strange resolution which make phone very tall.. I need a phone with more features/functions or at least keep the same features of the old ones! Keep ir blaster – removable battery… I don’t mind at all plastic back! Anyway it goes into a plastic case!! Maybe do a classic version for the phone for vintage people like us !