Samsung To Sell Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 Units in India and Vietnam [Updated]

A new report claims that Samsung will be selling refurbished Galaxy Note 7 units in India and Vietnam with a battery capacity of anywhere between 3000mAh to 3200mAh. The design of the units will also be slightly different from the original Note 7 units.

Barring the smaller battery capacity and slightly different design, the refurbished Note 7 units will have the same internals as the original Note 7. This means that we are looking at an octa-core Exynos 8890 chipset, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage space, a 5.7-inch curved Super AMOLED display, iris scanner, and a 12MP shooter at the rear.

Considering that the Galaxy Note 7 brand name is tarnished beyond repair, it is unlikely that we will see Samsung launch refurbished Galaxy Note 7 units under the same name. With the Galaxy Note 8 launching around the same timeframe, the refurbished Note 7 units should sell at a price quite a bit lower than what the original Note 7 units sold for. The Korean company, however, is only planning on selling the refurbished units in price sensitive markets like India and Vietnam where the lower price of the phone should make it an attractive proposition.

By selling refurbished Note 7 unit at a lower price, Samsung is hoping to reduce its inventory burden. The company has in excess of 2.5 million units of Note 7 in its inventory right now. The company had received upwards of 3 million units of Note 7 after the recall, out of which it used 200,000 units for investigation purposes.

Update: Samsung has confirmed that it has no plans of selling refurbished Galaxy Note 7 units in India.

[Via Naver]

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