LG G6 To Come With Upgraded Quad DAC For Lower Noise Levels


LG is among the very OEMs in the smartphone market that continues to push boundaries in terms of music quality and audio output with its smartphones. It was the first company to use a 32-bit Quad DAC on the V20 last year, and this year, the company is once again pushing the boundaries by using an upgraded model of the DAC on the G6.

LG says that the new DAC features finer controls for left and right channels thereby enhancing sound balance and reducing noise. It notes that the quad DAC has been implemented on a single chip that helps in keeping their size in check and lower noise by up to 50 percent.

The upgraded Quad DACs have increased circuit integration that lowers negative distortion to [email protected] percent of “luxury audio level.” Additionally, LG has also widened the path that is used to transmit sound signals. This, the company says, allow the DAC to process high-quality large audio files quickly and accurately.

Remember that you’ll have to use premium earphones or headphones to be able to take advantage of the high-quality sound output from the DAC. LG is likely to bundle premium earphones with the G6 like it did with the V20 last year. Similarly, you’ll also need to playback high-quality audio files with high bitrate to be able to enjoy the superior sound output from the G6.

LG G6 will be unveiled on 26th Feb. at MWC in Barcelona. The handset will come with a 5.7-inch QHD+ display with minimal bezels surrounding it.

[Via LG]