Huawei is Allegedly Building its own Smartphone Voice Assistant

Huawei Mate 9

Digital personal assistants are seeing an all new, refreshed focus from companies all over the globe.

From Samsung, Google, Amazon, and Apple, the digital personal assistant front continues to be a hot topic. Huawei, wanting to double down on its own efforts, is reportedly building its own digital personal assistant for smartphones, as reported by Bloomberg. The publication cites unnamed sources, saying that Huawei wants to take on the other smartphone manufacturers in big ways, including software options like digital personal assistants.

The report is light on specific details, but it does say that Huawei has up to 100 engineers working on the feature right now. Moreover, the personal assistant may only see the light of day in China, as it will, at least to start, only support the Chinese language. Additionally, Huawei’s focus may be to keep the voice assistant for its domestic customers, but launch international smartphones that continue to support platforms like Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

If you have a digital personal assistant on your phone, how often do you use it?

[via Bloomberg]