Suddenly Facing Battery Life Issues on Your Android Phone? Here’s How to Fix It

Own a Galaxy S7, S7 edge, Galaxy Note 5, or any other Android device and noticed a sudden increase in battery drain? You are not alone. Hundreds of Galaxy S7, S7 edge, and Nexus 6P owners have been complaining about their phone getting hot and its battery draining too fast. 

The culprit behind the battery drain is Facebook’s Android client and its Messenger app. Since Facebook has not updated both these apps in almost a month now, it is likely that the company made some server-side changes that are leading the apps to consume more power and increasing the idle battery drain of your phone.

Until Facebook gets around to fixing the issue, you can uninstall the Facebook Messenger and Facebook client from your device. If the apps are pre-loaded on your device, you can always disable them from Settings -> Apps (or Application Manager on Samsung phones). And if you must browse Facebook from your phone, try using the Facebook Lite app or other third-party clients like Metal for Facebook or Swipe.

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