Samsung Expects to Ship 60 Million Galaxy S8 Units in 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leak

Not to be deterred by the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung has high expectations from its upcoming flagship: the Galaxy S8. The Korean company has reportedly set itself a shipment goal of 60 million units for the year, which is higher than what it had set for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge last year.

The report also confirms that Samsung has decided to postpone the launch of the Galaxy S8 to mid-April from its usual timeframe of March. The handset will enter into mass production in March, with 5 million units being produced that month.

“The tech giant has requested its partners to supply (parts) based on the tech giant’s 60 million shipment goal,” an industry source told The Investor on condition of anonymity, adding Samsung has confirmed that the release schedule has been postponed to mid-April, a month later than the usual March release.

Samsung had set a target to ship 48 million Galaxy S7 units last year, so the company’s target to ship 60 million Galaxy S8 units this year despite its delayed launch and the Note 7 fiasco is pretty aggressive. Last year, when the Galaxy S7 launched, Samsung aggressively promoted it through various marketing promotions. With the company having even higher expectations from the Galaxy S8, expect the company to be even more aggressive with its promotions for the handset.

The Galaxy S8 is expected to feature a very high screen-to-body ratio. This will also lead Samsung to ditch hardware navigation keys on the handset and switch to on-screen buttons. The device will be reportedly powered by Samsung’s own Exynos chipset based on the 10nm fabrication process, with some variants using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset.

[Via The Investor]

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