Microsoft is Bringing Cortana to the Lock Screen

Microsoft‘s digital personal assistant, Cortana, has been available for Android for a while now, and Microsoft continues to work on improving the experience.

The latest effort is to make Cortana even more accessible, right from the lock screen. As reported by MSPoweruser, Microsoft is currently testing the feature in beta form right now, and Cortana users can even give it a try in its pre-release stage if they are so inclined.

Android users that have adopted Cortana will be able to access the digital personal assistant by swiping right or left on the lock screen over the floating logo. This means that users can keep their stock lock screen, or other third-party option if they prefer that.

The option is definitely meant to replace Google’s own offering, but for anyone that is already accustomed to the Cortana experience, doing that probably won’t be too difficult.

[via MSPoweruser]