How to Get the Official Android 7.0 Nougat Update on Your OnePlus 3/3T Right Away

OnePlus 3

Just about managing to stick to its word, OnePlus started rolling out the Android 7.0 Nougat update for the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T from last night. Since this is a gradual rollout, it is unlikely that you will receive the update instantly on your device. Nonetheless, there are a few tricks that you can try to get the Nougat update on your handset right away.

All the steps below will not touch your data stored on the phone in any way. However, if you want the F2FS file system, you will have to format your OnePlus 3 (not for 3T) for the transistion process to take place.

Method 1:

The first trick is actually a very simple one and requires using a VPN app to spoof your location. Do note that the steps will work for both OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T.

Step 1: Download a VPN app of your choice (Opera VPN or TunnelBear) from the Google Play Store. Proceed to select a server from Canada or Germany.

Step 2: Now, head over to Settings -> System Updates and check for a new software update. The Nougat OTA update should now show up on your OnePlus 3/3T.

Step 3: Before you start downloading the 980MB+ OTA update, disconnect the VPN server that you are connected to. This will ensure that you get the optimum download speeds.

Method 2:

If you are running the Open beta Nougat build on your OnePlus 3, the above steps might not work for you. Or if the update just does not show up for you using the VPN trick mentioned above, you can manually sideload the update by following the below steps.

Step 1: Download the full Nougat OTA zip file for the OnePlus 3/3T from below and transfer it to the internal storage of the handset.

Download: OnePlus 3 Running Open Beta (Mirror) | OnePlus 3 Running OxygenOS 3.2.8 | OnePlus 3T

Step 2: With the file transferred to the handset, head over to Settings -> System Updates and open the Updater app. Instead of searching for a new update, tap the cog icon on the top right corner and select the Local Upgrade option. At this point, the updater should automatically detect the file and prompt you to install it. The update process will take its own sweet time so be patient.

Once you are done with the update process, do drop a comment and let us know how you are liking Nougat on your OnePlus 3/3T.

Update: More people have reported success with using the Opera VPN app than TunnelBear in getting the Nougat update straightaway on their OnePlus 3/3T while following Method 1.

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  • Tyler Weedn

    sideloading the official update worked on my oneplus 3t after already sideloading and installing the nougat beta 1 for oneplus 3t. thanks so much!!

    • mrmmmok

      I’m doing the same — can we remove the zip file after it’s installed and running Nougat?

  • Harmandeep Singh

    The tunnel bear hack doesnt work

  • Abinash Gohain

    The vpn changing method worked fine for me.. cheers!!

  • Aashrit

    The VPN changing method worked for me

    • Amit Mahajan

      Which VPN did you used

      • Aashrit

        Opera VPN, Canada

        • Yaksh Nenawat


  • Gautam Anand

    In setting, system, system updates I see no updates after using the VPN method. Is there another way to check updates? The blog says an option is available under ‘about phone’ but I don’t see one.

    • Yaksh Nenawat

      Switch ur region then try. I tried around 5-6 regions then I got it

  • Yaksh Nenawat

    I got the update using VPN . Try to switch regions then u will get it. I got it by switching the region to germany

  • Arne Hermansen

    VNP and Canada works her in norway, i am downloading now 🙂

  • j

    Method 2, Step 2 is wrong .. there is no local upgrade out there .. guys save your bandwidth !

    • Andy

      Worked for me, updating from Beta. Downloaded and chose Local Upgrade (after moving file to root of SD card).

  • shushil giri

    Will I receive official updates in future if I download current update by changing location using VPN.?

    • Yes, you will

      • shushil giri

        But Isn’t the android build made for specific region…. Will I get the android build of this region even if download via VPN…

        • No, nothing like that. You will continue to get future OTA updates without using VPN. Don’t worry.

          • shushil giri

            Hope u r right. Thank you..

          • mahesh

            bro rajesh, bit messedup…
            mostly updates are country specific so if use vpn canada nought update it might give problem in future. and one more thing suppose if i update to nought throgh vpn will i get ota updates as before i get.??? how to came to know if one plus officially releases the ota for my device , then i ll reset my phone to get official ota update..
            clarify my doubts bro…

          • OxygenOS OTA updates are NOT region specific. Samsung and other big OEMs do it, not OnePlus. So be rest assured that you will continue to get future updates even if you don’t use any VPN down the line.

  • Saurabh

    Downloading using Oper VPN, Canada region.. Thank you bro.. You’re the best.. 🙂

  • Vatsal Chheda

    Worked for me OperaVpn Canada Kudos!

  • vishwajeet telang

    Using this methods is their any warranty violation??

    • No

      • Manik

        does it affect any future updates and does it void any warranty of the phone and is it bug free, cause some reported drop in antutu benchmark scores.

  • Madnwise

    Great, useful, awesome..

  • Kotzurr Robert

    Worked using VPN Master app and Canada server! Thank you for useful tip!

  • Karan Gupta

    i removed twrp from my phone to stock recovery and used vpn germany to get the nougat update but its showing installation failed while rebooting and m still on 6.0.1 can somebody help

    • Reflash the stock system partition as well.

  • Varun

    Downloaded via opera VPN and Canada as location. BUT, after upgrade, no sign of multi screen option on oneplus 3t. Any advice?

  • Shafi Mjri

    The Opere VPN & TunnelBear is not worked in my phone and I tried another one called Turbo VPN with Canada location and its worked..!! Hope there is no violation or future problems with it…

  • Raj

    Opera VPN & Canada, popped up straight away! thanks

  • Neon Hackett

    Awesome XD opera VPN and Germany worked for me in india. thanks Rajesh

  • manav singh

    how to update from nougat beta to official nougat in one plus three

  • Marco Reus

    Hey man i need some help here i rooted my phone in order to flash oxygen os over hydrogen os as my oneplus 3 had come from china. After this i followed the steps to unroot my phone and flash stock recovery whilst relocking the bootloader. I can receive the update but i end up in a screen where it says “installation failed” and i can only reboot back into my phone without the update. Any suggestions?

  • Shiva Raju

    Open Vpn & Canada popup right away, start download then turn off vpn super speed download.. thanks for the sharing super cool info, was checking daily 100 times for ota update.. good job…

  • Manik

    does it affect any future updates by using VPN method.

  • TT E

    Thank you for this. 1st Method worked great with Opera VPN! AndroidBeat is unbeatable 🙂

  • Saksham

    this really worked thanks guys!

  • Yns

    How important is F2FS?

  • prosenjit chowdhury

    bro Rajesh . plz help me …
    i want to know that if my onepluse 3t device is rooted than can i get all offical updated..

    please help me .. i will wait for your reply.
    thank you

    • You will not be able to install official OTA updates if your device is rooted.

      • prosenjit chowdhury

        brother is that rooting good for device .because i’m confused.
        i need help for take a right decision.


    I am from india.. will installing the update through canada VPN will receive bandwidth which will cause the phone not to recieve signal

  • Jiten Mittal

    Worked with Canada VPN. But now no app updates are downloading…. What to do.

    • Tried restarting your phone?

      • Jiten Mittal

        Uninstalled Truecaller. First I tried everything. Restart, uninstalled updates for play store.
        Later on some forum they told to uninstall Truecaller. All working fine! Thanks

  • orbec

    Thanks for the info, Opera VPN worked spot on 🙂

  • guidance

    I have updated using Opera free VPN, it was a whistle. SUPERB! BUT……I am currently not yet happy with the update. I have set the launcer to OnePlus Home Launcher. Opening the drawer seems to ‘lag’, same with opening folders on the home screen. Just rebooted the system to see if that works, else I will try to wipe cache.

  • Michael Berman

    I’m trying the second method and don’t see the settings cog show up when I go to Settings -> System Updates. Any suggestions?

    • Michael Berman

      Now I’ve tried the first method, using Opera VPN, connecting through Canada. It says that I’m up to date. Any suggestions for this one?

    • You need to be on the OxygenOS beta.

  • Nighthawk1988

    I heard that some people have experienced some problems with the google play store not downloading updates or apps, is this true?

  • Tesar Gusmawan

    I am running 3.5.4, stock recovery, stock rom. Tried to update to 4.0 both via local upgrade and adb sideload. The progress was successfully running but ended up “installation failed”. Any idea?

    • Was your device rooted?

      • Tesar Gusmawan

        Not at all, it is a stock phone. Then I tried this:
        1. Unlock oem & install twrp (read-only mode)
        2. Format data via twrp
        3. Install 4.0
        4. Back to fastboot, flash stock recovery
        5. Lock oem

        Surely this works. But again, when I tried to patch update the 4.0.1 via OTA or full update 4.0.1 via adb sideload, the error still exists.

  • Daniel Sequeira

    I’ve tried the first method and my dad’s one plus 3 is upgrading at the moment. But just wanted to clarify if this same process of using a VPN would work on my galaxy s7 edge. If so.. Would there be any consequences?

    • No, the same process won’t work on your Galaxy S7 edge since Samsung rolls out different OTA builds for different regions.

  • ridhiman

    I have downloaded the update on my oneplus 3 but it is verifying it endlessly .What to do?

    • Was your device rooted?

      • ridhiman

        what does rooted mean?All the earlier updates worked smoothly but this one is showing this error.I have tried many times but it is keep on verifying the file

  • Haikal Zakwan

    will this void the warranty?

  • jash morekar

    i tried the 1st trick but i kept the vpn on during downloading but then it stopped on 98 and restated but then it not working. what should i do

  • Pratik Vijay Udeshi

    Hi – I’m trying to get the March OTA update on the OnePlus2 via the Opera VPN (Tried both Germany and Canada) – however, the software download page is just stuck and not moving from 0% at all. Could someone please help?

    • Make sure to disable the VPN before downloading the OTA update.

  • Pratik Vijay Udeshi

    Hi – I’m trying to get the March OTA update on the OnePlus2 via the Opera VPN (Tried both Germany and Canada) – however, the software download page is just stuck and not moving from 0% at all. Could someone please help?

  • Varun Agarwal

    Is it safe download ota update from VPN spoofing?
    I don’t want to brick my new device.

    • Yes, completely safe.

  • nandy

    Thank U!
    Method 1 works for me.