Google Pixel Continues to Be in High Demand at Verizon Stores

As per research firm Wave7 Research, the Google Pixel continues to be in high demand at Verizon even after the end of the holiday season. The research firm conducted a survey by visiting 50 Verizon stores last week and noted that the Pixel accounted for 9.5 percent of the total smartphone sales on Verizon last month.

However, the long delivery time of the handsets is not helping things. Right now, Verizon lists that it can ship the Pixel XL only by March, with certain variants of the smaller Pixel also being out of stock. This imbalance between the demand and supply of the Pixels indicate that Google had underestimated the demand for the handsets, with manufacturing partner HTC struggling to build enough units to keep up with the demand.

At other carrier stores like AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile, “39% of reps (13 of 33) are aware of an average of ~2 Pixel activations each at these 13 stores.” Unlike Verizon, all the three other major carriers only sell the retail unlocked version of the phone.

Google is yet to reveal any shipment numbers for the Pixels. The handsets were first panned for their high price and the lack of waterproofing, but have since won consumers over with their fluid performance and excellent camera.

[Via Fierce Wireless]

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