Donald Trump Reportedly Continues To Use His Unsecured Android Phone

While Android and iOS are secure in their own right, they are still not good enough to be used as a daily driver by the President of the United States due to security concerns. However, The New York Times reports that Donald Trump continues to use his unsecured Android phone in the White House.

It was previously reported that Trump was using a Samsung-made Android phone, though, the exact make and model of the device are unknown. Trump reportedly used his unsecured Android phone to tweet about sending the Feds to Chicago if the horrible “carnage” going there is not fixed.

Trump had reportedly received a “secure, encrypted device” approved by the Secret Service last week with a new number, but he continues to hold possession of his Android phone that he uses to (sly) tweet and receive calls on. Trump called the “secure” devices from White House “the most beautiful phones” he has ever used where “words just explode in the air.”

Some of Trump aids have protested to him using his unsecured old Android phone, but he continues to use it and tweet occasionally from it thereby possibly putting national security at risk.

[Via NY Times]