Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Units in Canada Will Lose Mobile Connectivity After December 15

Live in Canada and still using a Galaxy Note 7? Well, Samsung has now announced that all Note 7 units in Canada will lose the ability to connect to a mobile network from December 15. A software update from Samsung will also disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality on the handsets from December 12th onwards.

Samsung has been forced to take this move in theĀ interest of consumer safety. The Korean company says that out of the 39,000 units it sold in Canada, 90 percent of them have been returned. However, around 4,000 units are still out there in the wild in Canada which is why Samsung is having to take this step.

The software update from Samsung will also limit the battery charge to prevent the battery from exploding.

We strongly urge any customers still using their Note7 to return their device to the place of purchase for a refund or exchange between December 7th and December 15th. We have been in continuous communication with Note7 customers to remind them about the need to return their recalled device and will continue to communicate daily with a push notification about this network deactivation event to ensure they continue to receive adequate notice.

As a recalled product, Note7 device owners are legally prohibited from selling or even giving away the recalled device. We would like to remind customers that they need to return their Note7 device.

If you have not already, make sure to return your Galaxy Note 7 to Samsung by December 15th to get a replacement or refund from Samsung.

[Via Android Central]

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