Samsung Galaxy S8 to Feature Dedicated AI Button; Launch Possibly Delayed until April

Just a day after Samsung confirmed to Reuters that it will be shipping its own digital assistant with the Galaxy S88, the Wall Street Journal reports that Samsung is considering adding a dedicated button to the handset to quickly trigger its AI-powered digital assistant.

As per the report, the latest prototypes of the Galaxy S8 circulating inside Samsung feature a dedicated button on its edge to quickly launch the personal assistant. Samsung acquired Viv Labs, an AI based company last month, and it will be using its prowess to power its digital assistant. The founders of Viv Labs are popularly known for co-creating Siri. Samsung has already revealed that its digital assistant will feature third-party integration with apps and services. It will also offer services that are “significantly differentiated” from its competitors.

Like with Google, Samsung is also planning on expanding its digital assistant to its other devices and services.

The report also mentions that Samsung is looking to delay the announcement of the Galaxy S8 next year. Samsung usually unveils its flagship Galaxy S handset at MWC in February every year, but this time around, the announcement could come as late as April. The delay in the launch is because Samsung wants to ensure that the Galaxy S8 turns out to be a hit among consumers.

It remains to be seen whether the Galaxy S8 also comes with Google Assistant or not, which debuted with the Pixel and Pixel XL last month. And if it does, how exactly Samsung incorporates it alongside its own virtual assistant.

[Via Wall Street Journal]