Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion Issue to Be Revealed before End of Year


Its been almost two months since Samsung pulled the plug on the Galaxy Note 7 due to the explosion fiasco. The company has since then reassured its customers through multiple forms of communications that it will be working on improving consumer safety of its products. The Korean company also promised that it would be publicly sharing the reason behind the Note 7 units exploding, which was first blamed on faulty batteries.

Now, if reports originating from Korea media are to be believed, Samsung is planning on detailing the reason behind the Note 7 exploding issue by the end of this year.

When reports of Galaxy Note 7 units exploding worldwide had first surfaced, Samsung hurried through its investigation and put the blame on faulty batteries supplied by its subsidiary Samsung SDI. That did not turn out to be true since even Note 7 units that were not using batteries supplied by Samsung SDI were exploding spontaneously.

While the buzz around the Note 7 has largely died now, many customers are still eagerly waiting to hear back from the company on why the handsets were exploding and how the mistake slipped past its quality control. And with the Galaxy S8 launch only around 4 months away, Samsung must also be eager to put the Note 7 fiasco behind it and focus on its flagship product for 2017.

[Via ET News]

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