Android 7.1.1 Rolling out to Google Pixel with Double Tap to Wake, Lift to Check Phone, and Bug Fixes

Google Pixel XL - rear view

Besides rolling out the second developer preview of Android 7.1.1 for the Nexus and Pixel C, Google has also started rolling out a 261MB Android 7.1.1 update for its Pixel smartphones. Carrying the build number NPF26J, the update contains some security enhancements and bug fixes. Most importantly, it adds two new “Moves” which have been much-requested by Pixel owners.

The first Move is double tap to wake which Google had confirmed that it would be adding to the Pixel and Pixel XL via a software update soon after its┬árelease. The second Move is called “Lift to check phone” and reintroduces the Ambient Display feature from Nexus devices that has been missing on the Pixels. With the feature enabled, the screen on your Pixel will automatically light up in a low-power grayscale mode to show the time and any unread notifications you may have.

The update also comes with an updated kernel and baseband so it should likely also address the Band 5 connectivity issue that many Pixel owners have been complaining about. And if early reports from Pixel owners who have already installed the update are to be believed, the update also reduces the halo issue affecting the photos taken from the Pixel.

For now, Google seems to have only started rolling out the OTA update in Canada, though a wider rollout should commence by the end of this week.

[Via GooglePixel]

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