Samsung Setting up Airport Kiosks to Exchange Recalled Galaxy Note 7 Units


With the Galaxy Note 7 now banned from all flights in the United States and other major countries, Samsung has set up exchange and trade-in kiosks at popular airports to let Note 7 owners easily exchange or trade-in their device.

For now, the kiosks are available at “high-traffic” terminals in Australia, including the airports in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, and Perth. The Korean company is also working round the clock to open similar kiosks at other high-traffic airports, with one in San Francisco airport being opened within the last 24 hours.

Travelers who still own a Galaxy Note 7 can easily get their device exchanged with another Samsung device in these kiosks with their data being transferred to the new device as well. Considering that the Note 7 is banned from all flights in the United States and it is now a federal crime to travel with the handset in a plane, this was a much-needed step from Samsung.

Despite Samsung trying to ensure that all Note 7 owners out there are aware of the second formal recall of the handset through various means, many owners of the device have been oblivious to the recall program or have been out of the country due to which they have been unable to get their device exchanged from Samsung.

Have you exchanged your Galaxy Note 7 for another device yet? Or are you still using your Note 7?

[Via CNet]