Samsung Reportedly Halts Galaxy Note 7 Production Amidst Reports of Safe Units Also Exploding

South Korean’s Yonhap News Agency reports that Samsung has reportedly halted production of the Galaxy Note 7 amidst multiple reports of new and replaced units of the devices also exploding.

While Samsung has not made any official announcement in this regard, Yonhap sources at a Samsung supplier reveals that Samsung took this decision with the full cooperation of Chinese, United States, and Korean authorities. The move also includes stopping production in Samsung’s Vietnam factory that is “responsible for global shipments” of the Note 7.

With more than 5 reports of new and safe Galaxy Note 7 units exploding in the last couple of days popping up, major carriers in the United States have decided to put a stop on the sale of the devices for the time being. This includes AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, with the carriers also stopping the exchange program for the faulty units.

T-Mobile and AT&T are also offering Note 7 customers with either a faulty or a new and replaced unit to exchange their device with any other Samsung or non-Samsung device of their choice for free.

The Galaxy Note brand has been damaged beyond repair at this point, and while Samsung has been quick to contact affected customers, it looks like in a hurry to get its devices back on stores early after the initial recall, the company failed to identify the cause behind the Note 7 exploding.

[Via Yonhap News]