Samsung Confirms 23 Galaxy Note 7 Devices Caught Fire in Last Month

Following another global recall of the Galaxy Note 7, which includes the replacement units, Samsung has come forward with some numbers.

The company says that it has received 96 reports of overheating phones in the United States. The company adds that 23 of those came in after the initial recall of the original unit, and that most of them include the original Galaxy Note 7 — not the replacement. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has added that, as of right now, it is looking into six reports of replacement Galaxy Note 7 units catching fire.

It added that it is aware of more reports than that, though.

“Samsung says there have been 13 reports of burns and 47 reports of property damage due to overheating Note 7s. Those numbers are actually lower than they were a month ago — after investigating some incidents, Samsung apparently determined that they were either inaccurate or unrelated to the recall.

That’s also how Samsung’s current overheating total is at 96 phones, despite starting at 92 phones a month ago and receiving 23 new reports.”

It is not immediately clear how many Galaxy Note 7 devices are still out there in the wild. Samsung says there was initially 1 million original Galaxy Note 7 units out there, and that it had added 900,000 replacement units after the initial recall. In late September Samsung said it had received 60% of the original one million units, but as of right now those figures do not include replacement units sent back or returned.

[via The Verge]