With Safe Galaxy Note 7 Units Also Exploding, Samsung Should Consider Permanently Ending Its Sales

Note 7 Explodes in Australia

If various reports are to be believed, replacement Galaxy Note 7 units across the world are also exploding. The first such incident of a replacement Note 7 unit exploding was reported early last week, but since then multiple reports have popped up from across the world from different customers.

A replacement Note 7 unit burnt in the hands of a 13-year-old teenager in Farmington Minnesota, while two reports from South Korea have also emerged where replacement Note 7 units caught fire. In two such cases, it has already been confirmed that the Note 7 units were actually replaced by Samsung in late September.

In all such cases, Samsung has already contacted the owners and asked them for more information about the incident. The company’s spokesperson have also reassured customers that it is looking into the matter very seriously.

In a statement released to 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS, a Samsung spokesperson said “We want to reassure our customers that we take every report seriously and we are engaged with the Zuis family to ensure we are doing everything we can for them and their daughter.” The spokesperson confirmed the matter is under investigation.

The CPSC is already doing its own separate “priority” investigation over replacement Note 7 units exploding.

After initially recalling all Galaxy Note 7 units sold in early September and exchanging the majority of them with new ones, Samsung started selling new and safe Note 7 units to customers in the United States and South Korea from early October. However, from what it looks like, the company’s safe Note 7 units are also not safe from exploding and that has created quite a concern among customers.

All major carriers in the United States have already started offering concerned Galaxy Note 7 owners with the option to exchange their device for a different one. AT&T and other carriers are also mulling permanently halting the sales of the Note 7 post these fiascos. With multiple reports about Note 7 exploding across the world popping up, it is likely that we will see Samsung halt sales of the Note 7 once again in Korea and offer existing Note 7 owners with a full refund.

At this point, the damage caused to the Galaxy Note brand is beyond repair. If the replaced and safe Note 7 units also do turn out to be faulty, Samsung’s goodwill will take a serious hit. The company is already at the risk of litigation from dissatisfied Note 7 buyers, and if the replaced Note 7 units also do turn out to be faulty, it will be a very embarrassing situation for Samsung.

While Samsung has been quick to get in touch with affected Note 7 customers, a report from The Verge details that the company knew about a safe Note 7 unit exploding almost three days before the news was published by any media outlets. And despite that, the company did nothing. That Note 7 explosion sent the owner of the device to the hospital with smoke inhalation injuries.

Is there a possibility that the replaced Note 7 units are also faulty? Yes, it is entirely possible. After all, Samsung was in quite a rush to get the Note 7 back on market with the impending iPhone 7 launch. While the initial Note 7 units shipped with a faulty battery that led to the explosion as per Samsung’s investigation, it is possible that Samsung overlooked another fault with the device that was actually leading to the Note 7 units exploding in the first place.

At this point, if Samsung even manages to fix the issues with the Note 7 and put it back on sale, its image has been tarnished beyond repair. Even fierce Note loyalists will now think twice before buying the Note 7 out of concern for their safety.

[Via FocusTaiwan, KSTP]