Poll: After the Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco, Will You Buy a Samsung Device in the Future?

Note 7 Explodes in Australia

The Galaxy Note 7 was probably among the best, if not the best, Android smartphone released this year. It packed a beautiful design that was also resistant to water, a great 12MP rear shooter with OIS, iris scanner, and a large and beautiful 5.7-inch Quad HD curved Super AMOLED display. However, thanks to the handset exploding randomly across the world, the device is no longer in production and on sale.

With even replacement Galaxy Note 7 units exploding, it was not surprising that Samsung ultimately decided earlier this week to end production of the Note 7 and stop selling it worldwide. The company also announced a worldwide recall of all the Note 7 units sold, including the safe units, and has even gone as far as offering customers with $25 credit for doing it. Samsung has also confirmed that it will be disposing of all the Note 7 units it receives, which is likely going to cause a great deal of damage to the environment.

While the Galaxy Note 7 is the only device that shipped with faulty batteries, the overall reputation of the Galaxy brand has also taken a hit in the eyes of the consumers. No wonder that Samsung has gone ahead and sent out push messages to Galaxy S7 owners reassuring them that their device is safe and it is not a part of the recall. Many people are expecting Samsung to completely ditch its Galaxy branding next year, instead of just killing the Galaxy Note brand. This is despite the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge being on sale for more than six months and there being no widespread reports of the devices exploding randomly.

Irrespective of what decision Samsung takes, what do you as a consumer feel about Samsung now? Will you still buy a Samsung handset in the future? If not, why? Make sure to take part in our poll below and voice your opinion by dropping a comment below.