Facebook Unveils New ‘Events’ App Coming Soon to Android

Facebook is absolutely not a stranger to launching standalone apps for features that have been baked into its stock app for years. And now there’s one more.

According to Facebook, over 100 million daily users use the Events function on Facebook, which apparently means the company has deemed it essential to launch another standalone app. So, here we are, with a brand new, standalone “Events” app for iOS. It works like the standard Events platform in the regular Facebook app, or on the desktop: You can browse the events that are taking place in your town or nearby, and you can say you’re going to that event or not.

If a user follows a commercial page, and they have an event coming up, that will show up in the app, and news from an event that you’ve already said you’re going to will show up in your feed as well. The Events app will put together lists of events based on your personal preferences and location, which includes the ability to search, or use an interactive map. A calendar is baked in, too, making it easier for users not to pile up too many events on one particular date.

Facebook has confirmed that Events is rolling out to Android users “soon,” and it’s already available for iOS users.

[via iPhoneHacks; Facebook Newsroom]