Google’s Upcoming Smartphones to Be Called Pixel and Pixel XL

Google HQ

It has been previously reported that Google will be dropping the Nexus moniker from its upcoming HTC-made Sailfish and Marlin handsets. Today, Android Police have revealed what Google plans on calling its upcoming smartphones.

Dubbed the Pixel and Pixel XL, the upcoming smartphones from Google will be marketed completely as Google-built smartphones and will lack any HTC branding whatsoever. The smaller 5-inch Sailfish will be called the Pixel, while the larger 5.5-inch Marlin will be called as Pixel XL.

Both devices will offer similar functionality and only differ in terms of their hardware specs: smaller screen, resolution, and battery for the smaller Pixel.

The reasoning behind Google dropping the Nexus moniker and calling these handsets as Pixel and Pixel XL remains unclear for now. However, if previous reports and leaks are anything to go by, the upcoming smartphones from Google are going to pack some features that are going to remain exclusive to them. With Pixel and Pixel XL, Google — like other Android OEMs — is going to customise Android to its own liking to offer more features and enhancements. Unlike OEMs though, we are not looking at bloatware or poorly executed features. Instead, it is likely that we will see Google use the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones as a launch platform for Google Assistant.

It is possible that in the process of unifying its hardware lineup, Google will completely drop the Nexus moniker from its other products as well.

[Via Android Police]

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