Google Maps Adds More Ride-Sharing Support in the U.S.

Ride-sharing services have been a staple for some people for awhile now, so it only makes sense that mapping services would want to include those options when getting around a city.

Google Maps has been slowly adding support for ride-sharing options since 2014, starting with Uber, and back in March of this year made another major update that included ride-sharing information from a variety of different providers across the globe. And now there are even more options being added in the United States.

In a public blog post today, Google confirmed that it is adding support for Gett and Lyft ride-sharing services in the U.S. Specifically, Gett will be available in New York City, while Lyft information will crop up for users all across the States — where Lyft is available, obviously.

Google confirmed that with this latest update, Google Maps now supports nine different ride-sharing services in 60 different countries across the globe.

How often do you use a ride-sharing service like Lyft or Uber?

[via Google Maps Blog]