Samsung Delays Galaxy Note 7 Shipments for Additional Quality Control Testing

Thanks to exploding Galaxy Note 7 units, Samsung has had to delay the shipments of its latest phablet due to additional quality control testing. Reports from South Korea have emerged stating that multiple Galaxy Note 7 units have exploded over the last week.

While the cause of the explosion remains unclear, Samsung has confirmed to Reuters that it is delaying the shipments of the Note 7 for additional quality control testing.

“Shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 are being delayed due to additional tests being conducted for product quality,” Samsung said in a statement to Reuters. The firm did not elaborate on what it is testing and to what markets shipments are being delayed.

It has not been confirmed if the reason behind the Galaxy Note 7 units exploding is a manufacturing defect or some other factors like the use of a third-party charger or USB Type-C cable.

Samsung was already struggling to meet the high demand for the Galaxy Note 7, and this additional delay is only going to make matters worse for the company. A manufacturing defect could spell further trouble for the company as it would have to roll out a fix first in all its factories before it could ship out new units to distributors and retailers across the world.

Samsung met with huge success with the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge earlier this year, and the Galaxy Note 7 has also received favorable reviews. However, supply issues could very well affect the sales of the company’s latest Note if it is not able to restore its supply in time.

[Via Reuters]