Google’s VR Daydream Will Reportedly Launch in ‘The Coming Weeks’

Earlier this year, Google officially unveiled its new virtual reality (VR) platform called Daydream, but couldn’t pinpoint when it would launch to the public.

The immersive VR experience would see an official headset from Google, as well as a controller, and also different headsets from other manufacturers as well. But, unfortunately, for anyone that’s been eagerly anticipating the launch of Daydream, there hasn’t been a date to circle on the calendar just yet.

While that’s not changing today, according to unnamed sources speaking with Bloomberg, the launch of Daydream may be (almost) right around the corner. The sources detailed a few new interesting details regarding Daydream, including that they expect it to launch in the “coming weeks.”

To help promote the platform, Google is apparently spending quite a bit of money, upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars, to bring in high-level partnerships with the likes of Hulu, sports leagues, and even video game producers. YouTube stars like Justine Ezarik are also being called upon to help promote Daydream when it launches later this year.

Sounds like Google is going all-in with Daydream. Are you looking forward to it?

[via Bloomberg]