Google Dropping the Nexus Brand for Upcoming Smartphones

Nexus Sailfish

Later this year, Google is expected to release a pair of Nexus-branded smartphones. At least, that was the expectation — until now.

A new report from AndroidCentral, citing unnamed sources, says that Google is shaking things up in a big way this year. Namely, the company will be dropping the Nexus brand altogether from its upcoming devices, expected to launch this fall and codenamed “Marlin” and “Sailfish.” The report states that Google is moving in another direction entirely, with a focus more on the Google brand than anything else. In fact, if the report pans out, it means that HTC won’t be getting nearly as much attention with the new smartphones, either. Google will be pushing these as Google phones.

However, the report doesn’t state which new brand Google will be bringing to the table with its new phones. Still, whatever Google goes with, it’s just the tip of the iceberg, really.

The report goes on to state that Google’s also going a different route with software, too. Specifically the company will be adding new software, and tweaks to the interface as well, much in the same way as other companies, like HTC, Samsung, and LG, have tweaked the Android platform in their own way to stand out. “Stock” Android will still be there, obviously, and what changes Google has in store for the upcoming devices remains a mystery. However, as noted by the report, Google changing the software goes hand-in-hand with the change in branding.

Finally, the sources did say that Google also plans on launching its own-branded Android Wear smartwatches, too. That would line up with previous rumors, so it seems that Google is doubling down on their own branding moving forward.

[via AndroidCentral]