Samsung has Fixed the Issue That Led to Failed Galaxy S7 Active Dunk Tests

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active2

It’s been over a month since Samsung officially announced the Galaxy S7 Active, which, as is par for the course for the rugged lineup of devices, features a water resistance rating that should help it keep ticking even if it gets dunked under water.

Unfortunately for Samsung, dunk tests conducted by Consumer Reports, twice, showed the Galaxy S7 Active failing in both instances. Following those tests, though, Samsung came forward and said it “stands behind” the water resistance rating in the Galaxy S7 Active. Now, just a few days later, apparently there was a legitimate issue at hand for why the device failed the tests.

Samsung has announced it has discovered a manufacturing issue that led some Galaxy S7 Active units to not stand up to water as well as they should have, or even compared to other units. Samsung has also stated that the manufacturing issue has been fixed, and a Samsung PR Manager, Philip Berne, stated that the number of returns due to water damage are “tiny” when compared to the number of sales for the handset.

Berne also noted that if your phone is broken due to water damage, the one year warranty will cover that, and a customer can return it to their place of purchase, or to Samsung directly, to get a replacement.

Did you buy a Galaxy S7 Active?

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