Google Updates Phone App with Spam Call Protection for Nexus and Android One Devices

Google is rolling out an update to its Phone app for Nexus and Android One devices that adds spam call protection to it. With the updated app, whenever you receive a call from a potential spammer, you will be warned by the Phone app.

The incoming call screen will be red, instead of its usual blue, and there will also be a message on the screen saying “suspected spam caller.” You will have the ability to block and report these spam numbers as well. There will also be an option in your call log to report any number as spam and block it.

For spam protection to work, you must have Caller ID functionality enabled in your Phone app. This can be done by opening the Phone app, tapping on More options, and then enabling the Caller ID and spam protection feature. If you already have this feature enabled, simply update your Phone app from the Play Store to enjoy protection from spam callers. Keep in mind that the feature is only available for Nexus and Android One handsets.

While there are plenty of apps that provide protection from spam callers on the Play Store, it is always good to have the feature built-in and managed straight by Google.

[Via +Nexus]