How to Check If Your Android Device Is Infected with HummingBad Malware


Yesterday, Check Point — a company known for offering security services — revealed that a HummingBad malware has infected more than 85 million Android devices till date. The malware has also led its creators to net almost $1 million every month, since it was originally found in February earlier this year.

Developed by a gang of developers in China, HummingBad is a very advanced malware that “establishes a persistent rootkit on Android devices, generates fraudulent ad revenue, and installs additional fraudulent apps.” In fact, the technology used here is so advanced that the developers behind the malware have been sharing their resources and technology with renowned advertising analytics companies.

So, how do you find out if your device is infected by this HummingBad malware or not? Chances are, if your device is running KitKat or above and has Google Play Services installed i.e. almost all Android devices that have access to the Google Play Store, it is safe from the malware. Even if the malware ever infected your device, Google would have automatically and silently removed it without you ever knowing about it.

CheckĀ If Your Android Device Is Infected with HummingBad Malware

However, if your device does not have access to the Google Play Store, or you just want to double check to make sure the HummingBad malware has not infected your smartphone, you can download and use the ZoneAlarm app from Check Point themselves. The app will analyse your device for any potential malware and viruses, including HummingBad, and help you in removing it.


And in case you want to make sure that your Android device remains safe from future malware attacks, make sure to follow these tips.