Google Reportedly Building a Support App with Live Help and Screen-Sharing

Google wants to develop the best possible experience for its Nexus devices, and offering live help is just one step to do that.

According to sources speaking with Android Police, Google plans on launching something called Google Support, which will live on Nexus devices as a dedicated app and service. Selecting the app will launch live help, which will also offer live screen-sharing so that the support person can help diagnose and fix issues that might be plaguing the handset.

The screenshot included with the initial report is just a mockup, but the source, and the publication, seem confident that Google Support is the real deal, and could launch this year alongside Android N and new Nexus hardware. Unfortunately there are still questions, like whether or not support agents will be able to mark, highlight, or control elements on an owner’s device as they help diagnose issues.

A live chat, or voice call, seems logical, though.

This appears to be a Nexus-only operation at this point, which makes sense, because logistically rolling out something like this for all Android phones would be a massive undertaking. Plus, it is one more reason to buy a Nexus-branded device in the future, having available support whenever someone might need it.

What do you think of the potential feature?

[via Android Police]