Google’s Amazon Echo Competitor, Google Home, to Be Unveiled at Google I/O

image Amazon Echo

NYTimes claims that Google will be unveiling its own Amazon Echo competitor at Google I/O later today. Dubbed Google Home, the virtual assistant will be capable of answering simple questions and do simple tasks all via voice commands.

The product will only be unveiled at Google I/O though, with the device itself making its way to the market sometime in the fall.

Amazon launched the Echo almost two years ago, and it has turned out to be a surprise hit for the company selling in excess of 3 million units since then. The wireless speaker and virtual assistant is capable of doing basic searches, call an Uber, order a Pizza, control your smart home, play music it has been asked to, listen to audiobooks, and more. Amazon has been constantly upgrading the software on Echo to make it more useful, which has helped in further increasing its popularity.

Google might not be offering a virtual assistant for homes like Echo, but the company is widely considered to be a leader in the voice recognition and voice assistant tech with Google Now and Voice Actions on Android. The service features impeccable voice recognition and Google Now is known for being scarily accurate and showing the relevant contextual information at the right place and at the right time. If priced right, Amazon Echo may get a serious new competitor in the form of Google Home.

What do you think? Will Google be able to offer a better virtual home assistant than Amazon’s Echo?

[Via NY Times]