Android VR Seemingly Confirmed by Google’s Own Developer Site

Android VR placeholder

Google already has a foot in the door when it comes to virtual reality (VR), thanks to Cardboard, but the company’s efforts could be amping up in a big way soon.

We already know that Android N, the next iteration of the mobile platform set to be debuted next week at Google I/O, has reference points to support VR, including dedicated APIs. And we’ve seen previous reports that Google is taking a big step in the market, thanks to a “dedicated, standalone” VR headset that could be separate from other VR initiatives budding behind closed doors.

And now, just a couple of days ago, entrepreneur Peter Rojas tweeted out that his sources told him that Google was working on something tentatively titled “Android VR.” That headset is apparently different than the standalone VR equipment the company is also working on. But while those early tweets were completely believable, the first real glimpse of that Android VR headset may have just appeared on a dedicated developer portal from Google.

Android Police took a screenshot of the placeholder, which was found in the Google Play Developer Console, and you can see it pictured at the top of this article. Other elements that are already official, like Android TV, are present as well, giving it all a bit more legitimacy that the project is close to being unveiled.

This Android VR headset is also rumored to be a standalone piece of equipment, that it won’t need a connection to a computer or phone to work, and it will be less powerful than what’s present in the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. With rumors flying around that Google has two VR-specific initiatives underway, it’s believed that Google will show off both of them at this year’s Google I/O, set to kick off later in May.

Are you excited to see what Google has in store for VR?

[via Android Police]