Inbox by Gmail Adds an Easier Way to Keep Tabs on Events and more

Inbox by Gmail is receiving another update focused on making the email experience better, this time focusing on events, newsletters, and links.

First and foremost, Inbox by Gmail is adding a new way to keep up-to-date on events you’ve saved to your calendar, making it possible to keep tabs on any changes that have been made. Now, with the updated app, Inbox by Gmail will group together any and all emails related to a single event, and then make changes to the event automatically. Now users will be able to select the event and see changes without having to make them directly.

Secondly, the other big part of the update includes a new way to save links to Inbox directly. The new feature is, aptly, entitled “Save to Inbox,” and it allows users to avoid sending themselves links in separate emails. Users will simply be able to highlight the link and then select “Save to Inbox,” which will then group all saved links in the app to view later.

Newsletters are now easier to access to see what’s interesting, and after being read, will automatically shrink to save room in your inbox.

The newly-updated Inbox by Gmail should be available soon, both for Android and iOS users.

[via Official Gmail Blog]