Google Trips Leak Showcases Upcoming Travel Assistant App

Google Trips2

There’s been word circulating that Google has plans to launch a new app, specifically created to work as a digital travel assistant.

Now, leaks of what is believed to be that app have surfaced. According to a report published by Android World, images and details of what is being called Google Trips have surfaced. The app will work, based on the information and images published, by showing information regarding any upcoming trips you might have, including the flight information and where you’re staying. It will achieve this by going through your Gmail account to find the necessary information, but you’ll need to give the app permission to achieve this.

The app will also show you what there is to do in the area where you’re visiting, including food and drink, things to do, and more.

Google Trips

Google Trips will show you top-rated places for you to visit. It will also recommend certain locations based on your past preferences in what you’ve liked to do, presumably, in a section entitled “For You.” You’ll also get recommendations for places that aren’t necessarily near by, but might be interesting to check out.

One image does indicate that you’ll be able to view your travel information, presumably the parts including your flight and hotel(s), without needing an internet connection.

There’s no telling on when this new app might start circulating through the masses in a public way, but based on the leaked details, it sounds like it’s about ready for prime time.

[via Android World]