Google Keep Gets a New Chrome Extension, Hashtags, and Improved Interface

Google today released a new Keep extension for Google Chrome that makes it easy to save a site’s link, note, some text or images from a website right from within Chrome via a simple right-click menu.

The Google Keep for Android is also receiving an update that allows you to directly create a note in Keep from the “Share via” menu. Simply select the text or image, tap the Share button and select Keep to automatically create a note with the said content.

To help you organise your notes better, Google is also introducing #Labels to Keep. You can easily add a new label by using a #hashtag before it. So, for example, you can have all your travelling related notes under one #trip label, which will then allow you to easily find them at a later point.

Lastly, Google has moved some of the buttons around in the Keep app for Android to make the app easier to use.

With these changes, Google seems to be preparing Keep to take on Evernote, a popular note taking tool. While Keep still makes sense for quick notes, Evernote is more suited for taking notes in a meeting and other such scenarios. However, the latter’s applications have become very bloated and slow in recent times, and if Google continues to improve Keep at this rate, it will just be a matter of time before Keep replaces Evernote for most users.

Download: Google Keep extension for Chrome | Google Keep for Android

[Via Google Blog]