Goals in Google Calendar Will Help You Make Time for Your Goals

Unable to find time for your goals due to your busy schedule? Well, Google is here to help. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Calendar, the company today introduced Goals in Google Calendar on web, iOS and Android that will help you in finding time for your goals.

So, for example, if you want to run three times a week, simply set that as a goal in Google Calendar, answer a few questions like the appropriate time you can go for a run, the frequency, and you are done. If for some reason you have to defer your goals, Google Calendar will automatically look at your schedule and find the next best time for you to work on your goal.

If you add any other event during the time you are supposed to work on your goal, Google will automatically reschedule your goal so that it does not conflict with that said event. Google says that over time, the goals feature will improve as you continue to use it to reach your goals or just defer them.

The update for the Android app of Google Calendar is already live on the Google Play Store.

[Via Google]