European Union Files Antitrust Charges against Google for Abusing Android’s Market Dominance

The European Union has filed formal antitrust charges against Google for using its dominant hold over Android to promote its services and to further bolster its lead in the internet search business. The body says that by forcing OEMs to pre-install Google Search and its Chrome web browser on their devices, the company was depriving consumers of choices and stifling competition.

The EU also accused Google of giving incentives to OEMs that pre-bundled Google Search on their devices. Lastly, the EU says that Google has breached their antitrust rules by not allowing Android OEMs to sell mobile devices running on an OS derived from Android itself.

Google has until 12 weeks to respond to the charges that it is accused of. The company released an official statement following EU’s announcement where it says that it will work with the commission.

“We look forward to working with the European Commission to demonstrate that Android is good for competition and good for consumers,” Google’s general counsel Kent Walker said.

This is the second antitrust investigation being launched into Google by the EU. The body is already looking into Google using its internet search position to favor its own comparison shopping service other the competition. This case has been ongoing since 2010.

If found guilty in both cases, Google could end up paying huge fines to EU that can run into billions of dollars.

[Via European Commission]