Google Maps expanding support for more ride-sharing services

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Another update for Google Maps is on the way, and with it, even more support for ride-sharing services across the globe.

The Google Maps team has confirmed through a blog post that an upcoming update to the mapping service will include even more support for ride-sharing services, all of which is meant to make it even easier to find the best possible way to get to your destination. Now Google Maps will show you not only the driving, public transit, walking, or uber travel times, but many other ride-sharing services across the world.

That includes 99Taxis in Brazil, Ola Cabs in India, Hailo in the UK and Spain, mytaxi in Germany and Spain, and Gett in the UK.

On top of that, Google is adding even more support for Uber, which it initially launched support for in 2014. Now you’ll be able to see cars from the likes of UberBLACK, too, if you’ve got a car in the area that can pick you up.

The update for Android will be out in the coming days, and iOS support will arrive “very soon.”

[via Google Lat Long Blog]

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