Google Destinations will help you plan your next vacation

Google Destinations

Google is trying to make planning your next vacation a bit easier, especially in the planning stages.

The company has recently announced Google Destinations, which will let you skip opening a ton of tabs and pages to try and plan your next vacation, thanks to Google Search, Google Flights, and Hotel search. All you need to do is search the continent, country, or state that you plan on visiting, and add the word “destination” to your search.

Using those aforementioned services, Google Destinations will populate available flights and hotel prices right off the bat. Google will take care of the search parameters, and you’ll simply need to scroll through the results until you find something that catches your eye.

It even gets broken down by plans, too. With Google Destinations, users can search for a place, and then search for something to do, like surfing in Spain, or “New Zealand hiking.” The results will show you areas where you can do just what you’re looking for, long before you arrive.

Google will let you use flexible dates to see when the most popular time to travel to your destination is, or even let you check out the weather in your go-to place year-round, so you can plan accordingly:

“Say you’re planning to take some time off in June or July, but you haven’t decided exactly when to go. The “Flexible Dates” filter lets you refine your results by month, so you can see when fares and rates are lowest within the time range you want, across multiple destinations.

Want to avoid crowds or bad weather? Select any destination and tap the “Explore” tab to see what the weather is like year-round and when your destination is most popular, based on historic visits from other travelers.”

Google Destinations should be available now, so if you’ve been thinking about planning a trip, this might be the way to do it.

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